Sunday, April 12, 2015

Care and Counsel Popcorn Kernels

Dear Friend who has moved away but not before telling RantWoman about  feeling really, really, really relieved that our Meeting has renamed Oversight as Care and Counsel.

RantWoman is really, really, really stuck. Please bear with RantWoman's point of view, along with the fact that the word Oversight keeps popping out of RantWoman's keyboard when she means, cough, Care and Counsel.

Oversight as in "Oops, well."

Oversight as in "Oops, did it again?"

Could it be ABLEISM?

RantWoman feels really, really resentful that this name change was crammed down the community's throats without people taking just a tiny bit more time to talk TO RantWoman and understand that RantWoman is just not clear about history of the objectionable usage!!! RantWoman is still unclear about whether Oversight has the same burdensome associations as Overseers.

RantWoman is involved in a number of educational and community organizing activities and engaged with actual people of color and mutual capacity-building. RantWoman has never once heard any of them even ask RantWoman whether she is a part of some religious community with weird language in its committee names.

RantWoman does not at all want to minimize the knowledge and experience of people of Color among Friends for whom historical usage of the term Overseers evokes only oppression.

RantWoman does think it would be REALLY nice if some of well-educated white people around her could take time and sit with RantWoman at least a little more about the issue. Word!

RantWoman, which issue?

--The committee name?

--The issue of whether Oversight has the same burdensome baggage as Overseers.

--The seething piles of resentment?

--The difficulty even getting members of Care and Counsel on the phone, and no, 9:30 at night when you are about to eat dinner does not count and while you are in your car talking on your cellphone most emphatically does not count either.

--RantWoman's EXTRAAVAGANT gratitude wjhe n Friends are willing to interact by email.

--A giant kettle of popcorn kernels attached to "RantWoman I am not Interested in Your Thought Processes Friend."

--Assorted other threads still too tangled for the blogosphere?

Bless Your Heart. E,. All of the above....

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