Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Elders? Blind Copy? Crud?

In the continuing saga of Quakerism The Soap Opera, RantWoman is absurdly happy!

RantWoman received email containing the phrase "held hostage" from an actual firsthand sender, not subsumed in secondhand mush. Praise Jesus! Now RantWoman needs actually to READ--and interact with-- the email.

But first....

First of all RantWoman needs to be held in the Light, and not just because she isdeliriously happy to receive first-hand what should sound like a terribly off-putting message.

Everyone else around RantWoman and RantWoman's Inner Blowtorch also needs to be held in the Light.. Hold that problem in the Light.

Next, RantWoman needs some elders. Oh boy does RantWoman need some elders.

Possible candidates in RantWoman's vicinity, subject of course to the RantWoman message manglement service:

--I can think about your accommodations needs as soon as you provide me about 3 zillion hours of blindness tourism that has nothing to do with encouraging someone else to deliver documents timely Friend. Enough said?

--I think we have talked about your accommodations needs because you accommodated mine Friend.

--I do not want to talk about it because you are talking about my friends Friend. REALLY? What am I, chopped liver?

--I am glad to talk while I drive you home but I do not get that you do not like having difficult conversations while someone is driving Friend.

--"It's not good for the community (to name problems and try to work on them)" Friend

--I might be able to spare a few seconds either later in the evening before I eat dinner or via cellphone while I am driving Friend. Friend, you have reached Dial-a-Tirade. RantWoman routinely hangs up on EVERYONE who tells her they are talking on a cellphone while driving, so can you suggest other options.

--Several variants of please deliver your request in easily digestible bites that conform to my worldview.

--Several variants of "RantWoman, you are just taking up too much space" Friend.

--Friend who says Care Committee when RantWoman thinks she means Elder or Clearness Committee.

--Be charitable Friend. Friend, RantWoman is to be true to her Light. Charitable means HOPEFULLY couched in gentle language as opposed to encased in epithets.

In other words, RantWoman has found the elder candidates at hand wanting and will.(SURPRISE!)...turn to Email.

Bang. Crash. Clatter! the question To Blind copy or not to Blind copy?

In comes email from potential elder-by-email Friend: Some Friends dislike blind copy on Quaker integrity grounds.

RantWoman has heard this before. People like knowing who is in the conversation.

RantWoman is seasoning several thoughts in collision.

1. Having someone in the blind copy field offers options for confidential wise eldering. The same thing could be accomplished by just forwarding emails but using Blind Copy saves steps.

2. RantWoman sometimes discloses the existence of person in blind copy but not identity of someone in the Blind copy field. RantWoman wants to offer her elders the coice of how much to share of their time and tends to invite person to speak up if there is something that could contribute to the whole group.

3. Skip the blind copy and let others see the contributions.

4. Tell people who already are not thrilled to be in conversation that
guess what they are part of a community of Friends working on a
It's a bright sunny day and RantWoman is fighting some kind of crud. So RantWoman means to meditate for a bit before thinking about what to ask of whom. Hold all and sundry in the Light.

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