Sunday, April 12, 2015

And all the children are above average: Look at us talk about Death!

One of several out-takes from the State of the Meeting report for Bad Friend Monthly Meeting; Bad Friend Monthly Meeting may or may not bear any resemblance to the Meeting RantWoman belongs to and the outtakes have unquestionably been filtered through the RantWoman Message Manglement Service.

...and all of the children are above average...

We are decrepitating and dying off at an alarming rate, but we think we have a handle on the problem because we found the right Quakerese for the ecclesiastical certification our resident hospice chaplain needs for the professional association certification that allows her to earn a living.

Oh look, and we held this awesome event about Advanced Directives which everyone but that sorehead RantWoman thought was absolutely wonderful.

Look. RantWoman got useful information out of the event. RantWoman can live with the "it's only a pilot." RantWoman appreciates getting an electronic copy of a key document in advance.  Is it a calamity that literally the ONLY people who came have all been around Meeting at least 10 years?

Is it a calamity that RantWoman did not also seize the opportunity in advance to point out the number of families in RantWoman's Meeting with one or more family members who just MIGHT appreciate materials in their native languages. Is it a calamity that RantWoman wound up not talking about interpreting for hospice situations? RantWoman can live with the possibility that people with minor children might need some other paperwork besides the options available.

And RantWoman would SO not mind if there were not also a throbbing YELLOW FLAG need to talk further about one situation and need to be true to Light about serious twitches and...

On the bright side:

--Another one bites the dust. Another person on RantWoman's mental list of people with vision loss issues passed away and RantWoman misses her very much from time to time.. Sigh.

--RantWoman THINKS she has forgiven Trombone and Mismatched Socks Friend, aka Mr. Nasturtiums in Salad Friend for decamping to other realms on rantWoman's birthday. RantWoman THINKS she has forgiven him for this, but she is apparently wavering about the issue. RantWoman recalls his first ever Nominating Committee call to RantWoman: would RantWoman consider the role of R-r-r-recording C-c-c-clerk?
...and all of the children are above average...

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