Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Kitman Flower: a nice picture at least.

Has RantWoman mentioned how much she adores Twitter?

RantWoman enthusiastically posts the image below from a tweet about the Kitma Flower as an alternative to something about Maslow.

RantWoman humbly acknowledges that readers should also feel entitled to the same twitch RantWoman has about expecting cute simple diagrams to collapse everything that matters and turn into language instantly undersatandable and actionable by all and sundry.

Furthermore, RantWoman started this post just trying to file some email. RantWoman herself would like to take time and elaborate on ideas and concepts even a little. But when RantWoman invoked her search engine of choices, she got served:

--the internet equivalent of a blank stare from Instagram when RantWoman clicked something out of the tweet.

--"Did you mean batman flower?"

--Sundry graves for people named Kitman and options for adding flowers.

RantWoman takes all of this as a sign that the picture is going to have to do for now. Sigh.

Kitman Flower: Love in Center Comfort Identity Occupation Inclusion Attachment

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