Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday for this year: Martin Luther King's Last Speech: "I've Been To The Mountaintop" April 3 1968

RantWoman used to have a co-worker who would never schedule meetings on Good Friday.

He would say "Jesus is dead and you expect me to work?" RantWoman, funnily enough one time reminded him of this when she looked at her calendar faster than he looked at his.

RantWoman has a long list of to-do's on top of some want-to-do's; yet RantWoman seems to be in the same boat about Good Friday.

And it's Good Frieday

and RantWoman has all sorts of tangled thoughts about people who come to Quakers from growing up with no religious background and people who come to Quakers needing to find faith community plus or minus somethign throbbing from their past. And then there are the people who come to Quakers fired up about some call to social action or sense of urgency about spiritual life and learning to live together and save the planet / prevent nulcea war / heal millenia of historical disputes. RantWoman does not actually CARE if this all seems way too much for her readers; RantWoman trusts that the threads will weabe the way they need to go.

For the occasion, RantWoman offers first a short clip from the end of Martin Luther King's Ihave been to the Mountaintop speech and then a link to the whole speech.

And the whole speech:

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