Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Heaven, with Mouseketeer

RantWoman has in her two popcorn kernel items about heaven.

This one is dedicated to the most recently-deceased of RantWoman's neighbors. RantWoman lives in a world where staff who know these things usually can neither confirm nor deny, but RantWoman is grateful to learn the news from multiple people via the building grapevine.

(RantWoman is grateful to learn via the same grapevine that someone she feared might have passed away without notice has moved away closer to relatives. Rantwoman is not sure the email address she has will work, but...)

Recently Deceased Neighbor had some kind of intellectual disability. He was also legally blind and used a wheelchair. He had a whiny voice and always wanted to make sure RantWoman was signed up for events she really was neither interested in nor eligible for, though RantWoman never wanted to belabor the point with him.

Recently Deceased Neighbor always wanted to go to a meeting RantWoman attends; other people in the building attend the same meeting and RantWoman never thought to suggest he team up with them about getting there. Oh Lord have Mercy!.

Recently Deceased Neighbor frequently wanted to talk to RantWoman about the Mickey Mouse Club and a Mouseketeer who shares RantWoman's first name but not the spelling. Sorry. That was BT, Before Television in the Rant Family household, and RantWoman further does not care because the topical Mouseketeer spells her name all wrong.

A couple strokes in the last year or so did not improve Recently Deceased neighbor's agreeability quotient or lessen his Annoyingness Index. Hold that problem in the Light.

Bus Stop consensus about Recently Deceased Neighbor: he's in a better place. Heaven is where bodies do all of what they are supposed to and people can do what they want to do with people who want to be with them.

May the Lord Bless and Keep Recently Deceased neighbor, whatever faith tradition he did or did not have !

PS, weeks later: BLESSINGS on the family and caregivers who organized a memorial. Neighbor was clearly WELL loved. RantWoman had forgotten about his affinity for phone books. RantWoman is touched that her name was not the only one he seized on with endless need to comment on some or antoehr distinguishing feature: ethnic origin, unusual spelling... RantWoman is also VERY grateful that others were more willing to introduce him to children, parents grandchildren than RantWoman could ever manage. Sigh! Here is to neighbor well-remembered.

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