Saturday, April 11, 2015

Super Pi Day, Push Pins, 18-pt Type PREPARATION (Privilege)

Dear Readers,

Did you find this entry because of Super Pi Day? You might like to watch the fun video about visualizing the number sequences in braille and moving a push pin along the series as more of the sequence of numbers was memorized. Then skip the rest of it?

Did you find this entry because you are interested in neurocognitive challenges such as memorizing 1000 digits of an irrational number (non-repeating infinite sequence) or tracking letters in Scrabble or counting cards in your favorite game? Don't say RantWoman hasn't warned you: the part after the video is another ride at RantWoman's spiritual amusement park; it departs from exactly this sort of mental lint.

RantWoman, we're already not that interested in your thought processes. Why...?

Yea, and RantWoman keeps wishing she weren't noticing. Plus, to tell the truth, RantWoman is aat least as interested in a half-forgotten mathematical question as she is in the rest of the conversation, so please bear with: Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. It's a RATIO. Shouldn't that mean it's a rational number?

RantWoman remembers that there is in fact some good mathematical reason this ratio does not turn out to be a rational number. And RantWoman is peeved not to remember the precise mathematics.

But if we are VERY lucky that flavor of distraction MIGHT be the only thing in RantWoman's head getting in the way of expected and even desired social interactions, well besides numerous flavors of annoying blind person behavior (Yep. RantWoman notices them in other people; RantWoman is pretty aware of also doing some of them. RantWoman is sorry; she is nto even clear to apologize for soemthing she cannot help but does sometimes mange to beg forgiveness in advance.), twitches, and general epizooties... How about hold in the Light RantWoman and FOcus.

PS Just for grins, with even more techie jargon and less obvious Quaker content, a sampling from another blog:

PPS. RantWoman was going to salt this entry with more meditations on the wonders of preparation and maybe some palaver about unexamined privilege, but this post already has enough conceptual warrens and alleys so RantWoman will just STOP.

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