Thursday, April 2, 2015

Philadelphia: the great experiment The Storm (1765-1790) Official Trailer

Look World. It's Maundy bleeping Thursday. RantWoman is happy to flag an ABC television series called Philadelphia The Great Experiemnt on her mean to consume media list. Given the city's Quaker roots, it seems ENTIRELY on point to view AT SOME POINT.

RantWoman does not of course own a television so the viewing will either have to be the sort of social occasion where RantWoman invites herself to someone's house or mediated by the interwebs. Either way RantWoman expects to be too busy meditating on The Last Supper or at least on Ben & Jerry's Kosher for Passover Charoset ice cream (Does it sound kind of good to anyone besides RantWoman?) to want to watch the video tonight. Tough!

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