Friday, April 3, 2015

Akvarium - Adelaida: Prayer with Blood Moon on the side.

God HELLLLP! (Citation: the Anne Lamont "Help Thanks Wow" schools of supplication.)

RantWoman apologizes for keeping readers in suspense about the full Schonbergian rattle of themes RantWoman needs HELLLP about. RantWoman more wishes to chronicle the sort of versatile God who delivers messages via Facebook and Scientific American. RantWoman emphatically does NOT apologize for finding messages in these places even though others she holds near and dear do not.

There would be that thought passing by fast somewhere amid RantWoman's electronic grazing: the Gospels maybe possibly (probably) got editted by people who looked up prophesy and wrote the Gospels to fulfill what previous texts had promised. Oh myyy! Now there is an idea that could, um, liven up RantFamily Easter dinner discussion.

But it's not Easter yet.

First we get to have a lunar eclipse and call it a blood moon!

Now there's some freaky symbolism. A blood moon. Good thing Dr. Science (degree mentioned specifically to avoid having to assume a gender) can already tell us it's a perfectly normal natural phenomenon even if this lunar elcipse will be the shortest one this century.

Hmmm. As the most frequently repeated phrase in the Bible says, "fear not." And in case RantWoman did not get the message, the gospel according to Scientific American says almost anything that reduces stress can help in some moments of psychic paralysis.

Reduce stress?

RantWoman tried a very old Grateful Dead video. The very young-looking Grateful Dead may come back, but instead, RantWoman's search bar collected Russian artist Boris Grbenshchikov and the band Akvarium, and a very soothing song Adeleida.

RantWoman has given herself permission not even to try to parse everything.

..Wind, clouds, Snow. We're alone in this house. Don't be afraid of the knock at the window. It's for me. It's the north wind. The north wind is my friend. It preserves what is hidden and clears the sky of clouds where the star Adeleida is rising...I have heard that time erases everything. ... and there is no sadness or  ..  no pride or offendedness. There is only. ..(heartbeat?) and it will wake me up where the star Adeleida is rising....


NO God, This is RantWoman we're not there yet. But it's a a beautiful song. Start there.

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