Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Voice of the Lord, Lunch, Learn, Lentils...

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman...

Careful. If that means hearing voices you could wind up like the brave woman at the Thursday #ADA25 Lunch and Learn who had to fight years of forced hospitalizations when she started to talk about the voices in her head.

Seattle City Council Lunch and Learn about 25th Anniversary of the ADA
(This speaker is several minutes in; RantWoman also sounds off way toward the end. Think lots of intense stories and glas is half full / glass is half empty)

Uh, okay.

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman...

RantWoman, God does not speak only the language of the king James Bible. Plus, the anachronistic language will get you really fast to Leviticus gone awry and President Obama in Africa trying to speak about LGBTQ Rights in Kenya while being Gay is illegal in 36 African countries, thanks partly to the zeal of US evangelicals Other option: to neighboring Northwest Yearly Meeting "releasing" West Hill Friends Church for being an open and affirming congregation. Um the new testament a God of love is supposed to get people unstuck from all the old Jewish laws. Supposed to.

Take nothing for granted.

Send prayers.

All RantWoman can do for today.

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman.

(RantWoman's stomach was speaking up about acquiring food, constrained resources....)

And the Lord spake unto RantWoman saying "You have a whole kitchen full of ingredients. Spend some time turning them into food."

And lo transformations occurred in the realm of tuna, pasta, veggies and also in the realm of lentils and other plant matter.

And lo, a phone call also arrived offering to share from a larder overflowing with squishy ripe fruit.

And the Lord was well pleased except it's as important that RantWoman was well-pleased.

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