Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Birthday Meal with Beets, Avocados, Blessings?

Meditations after the most recent Sunday supper with RantMom

Would you could you...
Avocado slices

Would you put pickled beets and avocados in the same salad? Yes or no?

If the beets were not already pickled, would you pickle them in dill pickle juice and put them in the same salad with the avocados? Yes or no?
A bowl of pickled beet chunks

If your adult child has already told you that she really really prefers NOT to have pickled beets and avocados in the same salad, would you just forget, "try something new," put the beets and avocado in the salad and wish her happy birthday anyway? Yes or no?

If you were the adult child beset by this form of birthday wish would you could you:

--Eat what's put in front of you because that is pretty much expected?

--Pick the beets out by hand, munch them appreciatively, and then enjoy the avocados with the rest of the salad unpolluted by pickled beets in any form?

--Add the entire episode to data points about whether, say, RantMom is a little bit, um, slipping?

--Crawl under the floor and howl because GrandMa FF who is close in age to RantMom a. thinks there is nothing wrong with beets and avocadoes in the same salad and b. pats RantWoman on the head (over the phone) and says "there there" about aging and slipping.

Love ya LOTS Ma. Love beets. Love avocados, but can you PLEASE TRY TO REMEMBER ...?? I do not love them together in the same salad!!!

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