Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seek Ye First ... with compost and anniversaries

RantWoman went looking for settings of Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God / Pachelbel's Canon in D. From the small sample RantWoman checked out, she decided she likes this piano instrumental setting the best. As with many RantWoman adventures in hymnody, many threads weave, though in the blog as Quaker journal model of electronic presence, elaborating on the threads is left to readers or for another exercise another time.

RantWoman is not sure the world is clamoring for another exotic journey to Planet rantWoman. Nor is RantWoman clear why she feels called at this late moment to turn over last year's cycle of spiritual compost, but here we are: RantWoman's 2014, gnarly anniversaries

--2004: A friend of RantWoman's shot himself after years of mental health issues on top of Meniere's syndrome, defecting from the Soviet militaery and MANY harrowing moments. Friend acquired his gun despite multiple rounds of hospitalization for mental health issues; entire subject of gun suicide guaranteed to make RantWoman's brain leave the room while trying to take minutes about same. Memorial at Deaf club featured people conversant in English, ASl, Russian Sign language and Russian.
--1999: RantWoman and Ferrener Husband welcome New Year in Ufa.

February- May
--1989: RantWoman's study abroad trip to Russia. Did RantWoman and Ferrener Husband run into each other since he was living in St. Petersburga aat the time?

--2004: Surgery for RantWoman's first detached retina. Stunning moments of family dysfunction. A whole summer of "My doctor got paid to do that" bruising all over RantWoman's face.
--1989: Gorbachev goes to China

--1979: RantWoman graduates from high school
--1989: Tien an Mien Massacre; RantWoman travelling in Europe. Not enjoying very second but certain she is having more fun than golf and beer at 10-year high school reunion.
--1999: RantWoman goes to 20th high school reunion, discovers she can talk to about the same 12 people as in high school, though a couple others also turn out ot have matured nicely.

--1989: A friend dies of AIDS
--2009: A much loved Friend killed in a bicycle vs dump truck accident.
--2014: Another depressing round of Little Sister issues with gravity, old wheelchair, and the built environment near her house. RantWoman crabby and she is not even the one living through it.
--2014: a friend diagnosed with Meniere's syndrme on top of everything else in her life. Turns out a very low salt diet helps manage but did not learn this right away.
--2014: Mr. Nasturtiums in Salad Friend decamps to other realms on RantWoman's birthday. The birthday decamping was probably not intentional, but RantWoman feels entitled to grumble about it anyway.

--2014: Dona Guadalupe, Irrepressible Nephew's Guatemalan grandmother dies.

--1989: Blind Roommate killed in fatal bus accident.
--1994: Little Sister and Brother in Law get married.
--1994: RantDad turns 60. RantWoman surprises him with visit on his birthday, the last time she saw him alive.
--1989: The Berlin Wall comes down

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