Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Great is thy faithfulness: Marking anniversaries.

If RantWoman chews too hard into the text of this hymn, all kinds of things might squirt out. Nevertheless, it gets to set the scene for the reflections below the video link.

RantWoman is inventorying her year's major anniversaries, partly because some of them fall in the same time frame as Annual Session.

--2005: RantWoman moves into present housing situation. Ten years is ten years. A lot has happened....

--1985 RantWoman's great grandmother and sole surviving great grandparent dies
--1985 RantWoman graduates from college.
--1995: The fondly remembered mother of the RantChildren's piano teachers passes away.
--1995: RantWoman and RantMom go to Banff, site of an aunt and uncle's honeymoon. At RantMom's family runion, RantMom has walking pneumonia and is stressed from being with RantDad as his time runs down. This time RantWoman has completely uneventful encounters with Canada Customs.

--2005: RantWoman has first Grab the Blind Person and Bless Them mobility fight with .... RantWoman is still sore about the entire issue. One thing RantWoman is sore about: the ONLY person who gets some key parts of what RantWoman is sore about is....
--2005: RantMom has last cancer surgery, on RantWoman's birthday. RantWoman flies to MT the next day to hang at the hospital and listen to the Soothing Channel.
--1995: RantDad passes away. RantWoman gets news by phone and cannot even summon words to explain situation in person to people at work. Thank heaven for email. Memorial is full of music; RantSiblings cope tolerably.
--Beloved Family Friend flies in from DC in time both to attend RantDad's memorial and to participate, out and flaming in his 40th high school reunion.

--1995: the Queen of Meow comes to live with RantWoman. The Queen of Meow was born on the RantChildren's piano teacher's property and probably grew up listening to Mozart. She came to RantWoman via Little Sister's studio and a household that split up and went off to graduate school in New York. The Queen of Meow stuck with RantWoman through a total of 5 living situations with many stories and escapades.

--2005: RantWoman has surgery for second detached retina. RantWoman probably already had the detached retina while in MT looking after RantMom but vision in the affected eye is such that RantWoman did not figure out the problem until she returned. Surgery meant that RantWoman could not fly back to MT as planned to hang with RantMom for part of chemo and raditaion. RantWoman DEEPLY appreciates RantMom's siblings for stepping in.

November or December?
--1995: The RantChildren's beloved piano teacher passes away. There is mention of AIDS but no one has any path to certainty.

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