Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Jello ... or not?

Dear Bill C, yeah, you with the Jello ads, (Trademark symbol needed throughout)

Hells Bells Dude. RantWoman does not LIKE needing to put a trigger warning for discussion of sexual assault on this blog post, but guess what, here it is. RantWoman does not want to hear any excuses or equivocation or exclamations about things being off the record or your acute embarrassment.

RantWoman does not want to hear you lecturing Young Black Men about much of ANYTHING. RantWoman wants to hear "What happened was WRONG and I am DEEPLY SORRY."Then MAYBE you would have some cred to say"Pull your pants up and get an education and DO NOT do it the way I have!"

Dude, RantWoman does not want to speak on behalf of the women you wronged. Rantwoman is hoping that they have busy full lives and, if you admitted what is wrong, would be willing to embrace the new you, but RantWoman cannot be the one to force that.

Dude, you have a wife who clearly loves you.

You have a public, a lot of whom are just sick about the story, but who in many cases like RantWoman  would be glad to think forgiveness,

RantWoman is not a giant consumer of Jello Pudding. RantWoman these days is not even a giant consumer of commercials, but the old ones on Youtube still make her smile, except when...NEver Mind. Watch the commercial.

Okay, now the commercial is over. A clip from The View in November 2014.
Rosie O'Donell and others talk Cos on the View.

Now, here's a pretty judgmental clip of a couple people willing to call a spade a spade.

and if ya need an example or a pathway, read up on the Friend with the Remarkablestory, oh and put restorative justice into the search engine of your choice. Oh, and maybe find yourself a faith community and Get Right with God!

Thank you for reading.

Peace love and clarity,

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