Friday, July 31, 2015

Sleep? or Blue Angels!

Bless you Blue Angels!

Mr. Attack Receptionist is medically in an end pattern. He writes on Facebook of being too afraid of never waking up to try to sleep. But when he did finally get to sleep, he wrote of the Blue Angels waking him up--after about 5 minutes of sleep..

Bless you Blue Angels.

Dear lord and Father of Mankind.

um, scratch that.

Bless the Lord, oh my soul,

Does not RantWoman already have Enough Else to Do without taking on electronic hospice ministry? Never mind that. We thank God and Facebook that the little dribbles of what RantWoman can do MIGHT reach both the soon to depart and others around him.

How does one minister to someone whose Facebook posts are full of "I am praying for you" despite the fact that the recipient of all the "I am praying for you" posts has probably told everyone else what he told RantWoman: he does not consider himself religious, does not pray, really could not care less about some kind of clergyperson from his life offereing to come and pray with him.

Dr. RantWoman has so far restrained herself from saying "Duuuude, if you cannot handle praying for you can you just cope with people needing to pray because that is what they know how to do?"

Mr. Attack Receptionist has an untreatable blockage in one of his dialysis ports. His Dr. has told him to Get his Affairs in Order. Mr. Attack Receptionist is NOT charmed by this news.

Mr Attack Receptionist has been one of the stalwarts at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. By stalwart, RantWoman means great faithfulnessa about some matters, fierce attachment to others, and capacity if the Friendly Neighborhood Center... had a Still Didn't Get the Memo on Email Immoderation to ably fill a spot there.

But today's ministry comes in two parts:

Mr. Attack Receptionist complained of being too scared of not waking up to try to sleep.

See Above.

Because of all the "not religious and don't pray" stuff Dr. RantWoman went a different direction: the reading cure. Dr. RantWoman suggested, as illumination on an unenviable path:

Dante: the Divine Comedy

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Final Gifts: stories collected by two hospice nurses of different ways people under their care have died.

RantWoman offers these suggestions humbly, with NO expectations about whether they will help or not. The suggestions are what RantWoman can offer.

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