Saturday, July 25, 2015

In order to make this war more accessible....

RantWoman celebrates (?!?!?) numerous opportunities to have time-warp brain. Hold that problem and any and all utterances that might result in the Light.

 Consider for instance a statistic offered by the Paralyzed Veterans of America at the Wednesday July 22 Rally in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the signing of the ADA:
[The Paralyzed Veterans of America really do appreciate all the ways that the ADA has helped make life better for many paralyzed veterans. And ....]

Thanks to (a couple major wars launched without provision for the probable casualties and to) the powers of modern rehabilitation, there are 300+ war amputees now BACK IN UNIFORM and serving our country.

Just exactly how are Cranky Pacifists Opposed to Mayhem Everywhere supposed to receive this news?

Please forgive RantWoman but the first thing that comes to mind: what the hell kind of reasonable accommodations letter does one write: "Dear...., as a reaasonable accommodation in order to make this war more accessible, please ...."

#ada25 #accessibility

On the other hand, RantWoman quite likes the following clip because:

--It is captioned.

--It comes from something called Rooted in Rights that RantWoman definitely wants to learn more about (or in RantWoman telling too much of the truth terms, it looks like an awesome grassroots perspective, soemthing a little thin at the official get everyone a job hand out some plaques and read some proclamations event.

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