Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blog as...?

RantWoman probably should post the current draft of the Appendix the committee on the Discipline has come up with about Quakers and electronic commuinication or at least the particular snipppets inflaming RantWoman's passions and inspiring individual blog entries. In this case, RantWoman's soul has been inflamed by two concepts "quakerly" and blogging as ministry, together in teh latter case with the suggestion that one needs editting and elders and ... and...

RantWoman's first problem: actual Quakers say and do all kinds of things that RantWoman does not automatically accept as Quakerly. RantWoman wishes we all did not so badly need forebearance, the grace of God/dess and spiritual kicks in the butt from time to time. RantWoman in total realism sees no reason that the electronic world is going to be any different from "meat space" in that respect and there is no way that RantWoman is going to try to hide that reality under the fig leaf that is the word "quakerly."

RantWoman's second problem: no one for instance told George Fox he should write his journal any other way than he wrote it and if they had, modern readers would miss out on all sorts of opportunities to mix up mysticism, editorial maladjustment and evidence that maybe he was just suffering from bipolar disorder, not to mention the sense of spiritual accompaniment that comes of sharing his experience in his own words.

RantWoman actually might articulate some focused thoughts about blogs meant for particular purposes. Well okay, one model, blog as Called Meeting for Worship clerked by oneself, really does not work for RantWoman. RantWoman needs here to speak for herself. RantWoman's models of blogging include blog as Quaker journal, blog as filing cabinet, and today blog as scrapbook or collector of spiritual pocket lint. RantWoman needs the last concepts in order to accommodate the following spin, which does not in fact accurately reflect RantWoman's use of her Smartphone but does reflect closely enough RantWoman swimming in the electronic interwebs that RantWoman humbly warbs her readers....

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