Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Birthday Party by Blog!

RantWoman has decided the internet is going to have to celebrate her birthday whether or not RantWoman herself actually shows up to any in-person celebrations.

On RantWoman's birthday she will be:

--probably showing up at a city council hearing in connection with a project for The Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. Oops. Scratch that. DELEGATED!!!!

--travelling to NPYM annual session.

--Fondly remembering a beloved and now deceased weighty Friend speak about one birthday party for her oldest daughter. As Weighty Friend told it, at some point in the middle of the party, she wondered where the guest of honor was and discovered that Guest ofHonor had slipped away to her room to read for awhil. RantWoman can SO relate. And here's some awesome rock and roll in case anyone needs music to slip away by.

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