Sunday, January 10, 2016

Three words / concepts for 2016

 Following after Robin Mohr and Chris Brogan, RantWoman's 3 words / concepts for the beginning of 2016.

Invite / inspire

Connect. / weave together

Faithful / true to light

Robin Mohr, 2016 and other links

RantWoman could make the case for elaborating at great length but is going to be perhaps uncharacteristically reticent:

--RantWoman is not even prepared to argue whether the words she has clumped together in fact belong together. They belong together in RantWoman's thinking today.

--On the other hand, if anyone wants to argue that RantWoman is embracing too many concepts at once, RantWoman is likely to observe the following: RantWoman's capacity for digression and challenges staying within scope according to others' definition of "scope" has been driving coworkers crazy for decades. RantWoman thinks thecurrent batch of Quakers are unlikely to do any better about containing this than anyone in the past. RantWoman and God are in continual dialogue about this. Peculair gifts come with this capacity. RantWoman would not necessarily mind a different package of gifts, but sometimes .... Hold that problem in the Light.

RantWoman has not reviewed her past offerings but suspects that alert readers will note some continuity.

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