Friday, January 29, 2016

NOT AFRAID of Transgender People in Public Restrooms

If legislators introduce a bill that is total fearmongering, does one just ignore it and believe the voices that suggest it is going to die a slow death in the scheduling flurry of a short session. OR  does one post a clear statement in opposition to the bill and invite readers to click in and submit comments for themselves. RantWoman is going to take the chance that speaking of the bill will just give it more oxygen and invites readers to click on the bill link below and to find the comment link and to submit comments directly to the legislature.

CrossCut article about recent Senate Committee Hearing


Background: a few years ago, sexuality and gender expression were added to RCW 49.60, the WA State antidiscrimination law.

In December 2015, the WA State Human Rights Commission issued rules requiring that people be allowed to use public accommodations such as restrooms and locker rooms corresponding to their gender identity.

This rule changed NOTHING about laws that already criminalize voyeurism, stalking , sexual assault, and other criminal activity. RantWoman had one email exchange about sexual assault. No the person committing the assault was not transgender. Yes, the behavior was completely objectionable. Yes, people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable, AND people with disabilities also have a right to learn about and realize both sexuality and sexual boundaries.  RantWoman also knows trans people with disabilities who have as much right to use the restroom corresponding to their gender identity as anyone else.

RantWoman is NOT AFRAID OF TRANSGENDER WOMEN, and SB6443 is a waste of legislators' time compared to important matters such as adequate funding of public education.

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