Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bad Friend Enough Even for Joys and Concerns

RantWoman Arms, the housing complex where RantWoman lives was in below-average scary mode the day of RantWoman's many attempts to have an Uber ride, RantWoman's maiden experience with Uber which is more than RantWoman can say about the general vibe.

What? OF COURSE the building gets a nom de blog too
RantWoman Arms
RantWoman's side of the building

RantWoman Arms as told by paid communications staff

Here RantWoman must digress. Lately RantWoman's Meeting has introduced an officially sanctioned fully blessed by a certain committee as opposed merely by God invitation to share "Joys and Concerns" at the end of 11:00 Meeting for Worship. RantWoman thinks that offering the list below with a rousing "Can you top this?" might fully qualify her as a Bad Friend. Please hold the temptation in the Light.

RantWoman has a neighbor who is just really good at growing brain tumors; her husband can be seen outside at all hours sending his tensions up in smoke. This week's theme was which intervention is next and can it wait until after a LONG-planned and carefully saved-for cruise? Yes, apparently.

One day this week, RantWoman's blind next door neighbor and RantWoman met in the doorway while RantWoman was headed out to dump compost and the trash trucks were noisily loading up the building 's weekly wastes. Next-door neighbor has been an excellent tutor about all kinds of Annoying Blind Person Behaviors. Don't tell anyone: RantWoman has come to realize that she herself also exhibits a number of these very same Annoying Blind Person Behaviors. Thank you in advance, world, COPE.

The day of the Uber experience, there was a family getting the day off to a rocky start. RantWoman foresees continuing need for some kind of Sensible Auntie eyes on the situation, but this is going to need to be Industrial Strength Sensible Auntie, the kind summoned  in moments such as "NO, you may not abuse your children while on peace marches." Hold that problem in the Light.

And then there is the option of having the Queen of Spades do pastoral care
Bless us oh lord and all of our scary abundance!

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