Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mystical Pants: Subtle? Just cold?

This post is dedicated to everyone who thinks they might not be any good at mystical experiences, mystical experiences such as

--John Woolman's visions

--a "leaning on the everlasting arms" thread that comes through a couple different Friends' testimonies of their spiritual experiences

--"the yellow pages ...quakers" light that dawned on RantWoman shortly after moving to Seattle while in the middle of especially noodly praise music at the vineyard service Little Sister was attending at the time.

In general,  RantWoman would not mind having more subtle and complex dreams. Sometimes , though, she is served up clouts over the head. Recently RantWoman was dreaming of walking around very underdressed on a cold night without an obvious path to more clothing. It was a dream so OF COURSE there were other elements, RantWoman was pretty determined to keep going. At some point RantWoman rolled over and woke up enough to realize that a trip to the bathroom might be helpful. On the way back to bed, RantWoman also added more leg covering. At least when RantWoman went back to sleep being warmer meant she dreamt of different things!

Work with that?

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