Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bad Quakers Tweet Deficit

How is it possible?

There have been NO #BadQuakers contributions to the Twitterverse since 2014!

There are some #BadQuakerGuide tweets, but RantWoman is very happy to let those remain the province of Brent Bill and his new book Life Lessons of a Bad Quaker Well, RantWoman would like to do this but that means for the time being seasoning her leading to go off on one of her trademark tangents, this time about libraries and electronic materials and ... and...

Anyway, back to the Twitterverse. There are a lot of #BadFriends contributions, but they all allude to friendships gone awry rather than to that mix of Quaker confession and peculiar humor recognizable for the Association of Bad Friends.

SOME of the time when RantWoman goes abroad into the world of Twitter, RantWoman makes at least MODEST effort to check and see whetehr hastags it occurs to her to try are 1. already in use in the sense RantWoman means or 2. already in use in another sense which deserves to remain clearly distinguished from whatever RantWoman has in mind.

There is a serious dearth of #BadQuakers material on Twitter.

The questions now:
How badly does the world need the volume of #BadQuakers material RantWoman could probably inject into the Twitterverse?

How much of RantWoman's #BadQuakers capacity is unique to #quakers as opposed to generalized #fail of some sort or another?

What do God and the rest of RantWoman's tweet streams require of RantWoman in the realm of #BadQuakers tweets?

Do justice.

Love Mercy.

Walk humbly amid the torrents of available #BadQuakers material.

Oh wait, it's Walk humbly with the Lord your God, right RantWoman?

Stay tuned.

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