Friday, January 15, 2016

Partial Credit

RantWoman humbly offers the following reflections on a recent flow of documents and other Business Meeting matters. RantWoman humbly notes a continuing patter about ignoring RantWoman's input, saying "thanks but no thanks" and then stumbling when RantWoman's insights could have saved a step or two, and complaining about being overwhelmed while repeatedly turning down RantWoman's offers of help. Or so things look to RantWoman.

Well, things still look that way, but RantWoman is willing to grant partial credit, but first...

Mix in the word "mentoring,' several layers of what is coming across to RantWoman as "we don't have to talk to THOSE people" or frankly silencing. RantWoman thinks it would be irresponsible to her Light and also to the opportunities for continued revelation to acquiesce. And NO, RantWoman does not feel called just now to elaborate on every thread that could be pulled from these reflections so far.

The item in question for this post: a certain document presented at the December Meeting for Business and then reviewed in January while dealing with minutes.

Spoiler alert: what turned out to be most useful was people in the January Business meeting reading aloud the two or three sentences out of the document that most exercised RantWoman. RantWoman is still exercised, surprise, but RantWoman will continue to be true to her Light and urges those around her NOT TO TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

In December, the document went out with the regular minutes email. YEAH! RantWoman knows there are a number of other people with severe vision issues in her Meeting. They do not all come to Business Meeting, but getting out documents on time with everything else makes sure they are included. RantWoman HOPES if some other measure would make them feel more included they will speak up. The sending things out with the regular weekly bulletin on Fridays satisfies RantWoman's twitch about people thinking only of her when RantWoman knows of others who may or may not speak up.

The document in question went out on time. What could be wrong? Documents with the same title have been getting sent out on a regular basis. That is the documents have the same title but do not have the same content. What is registering for RantWoman is a very high level of blather and complete absense of any indication that people have interacted with points RantWoman THINKS she has repeatedly made in Business Meeting. But having different dates in the filename would at least alert RantWoman that she might still need to wade through the blather.

Then IN BUSINESS MEETING, RantWoman got ceremonially handed, someone's version of a large print version of the document. RantWoman and Large Print are a rich stream of Dial-a-Tirade options. If you want RantWoman to appreciate your efforts in this area, HOW ABOUT YOU TAKE THE TIME TO ASK RantWoman her preferences. Probably in this case, RantWoman if asked would have appreciated the heads up about the content of the document and worked harder to get the document reviewed  with one of her technological options before Business Meeting. RantWoman might even have taken steps to have the document available and open to the parts she is exercised about without having to kill trees.

Now, see, isn't everyone really grateful for the opportunity to learn together?

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