Tuesday, January 5, 2016

RIP Peg Morton, Eugene Peace Activist

Recently, RantWoman has consistently been really clear after almost every Meeting for Worship that she is supposed to stand up and announce something. It is not just that RantWoman is certain the world is entitled to her views of a certain announcement, riffed on elsewhere. RantWoman has been clear in her leading to speak AND when RantWoman speaks, other people come up to RantWoman and speak about what RantWoman has said!

(RantWoman, being true to her light, is not above telling hostile reviewers to Take a Giant Chill Pill, but so far that need has not crystalized. So far.)

One of the weeks RantWoman was clear to speak, brought first a Quaker realism moment about the death of someone's mother being both a relief and a hole and call to announce the death of longtime peace activist and member of Eugene Friends Peg Morton. Peg Morton's name came up recently in conversation and wonderful memories were shared of Peg's welcoming spirit at FOR gatherings. RantWoman thanks the Friend who spoke for nudges to post the remembrances she has collected.

KLCC: Eugene peace activist died as she lived

Register Guard: Eugene peace activist Peg Morton dies at age 85

FOR: Ibrahim Ramey, Peg Morton Presente

Belateledly adding another

Eugene Weekly Feeling Light Within

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