Wednesday, January 6, 2016

MDiv Thesis Survey: women ministers and women's bodies

Ashley W is a young, well younger than RantWoman anyway, Quaker minister working on her MDiv at Candler School of Theology.  Ashley W and RantWoman have overlapping experience in the realms of cross-yearly meeting dialogue, narrative theology, and Quaker event planning, among other themes. Also, per social media, the survey plan has been through her schools Institutional Review Board process, a fact which always gives RantWoman confidence in survey efforts.

RantWoman is saying all of this rather than saying ANYTHING more about the content of the survey because RantWoman encourages interested readers just to FILL OUT THE SURVEY though RantWoman is trying not to bias the results in any way by supplying more information. Take the survey. Pass it along to women who identify as ministers!

Ashley W's MDiv survey about women ministers and bodies

For reference, Ashley W's blog A Passionate and Determined Quest for Adequacy

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