Sunday, June 5, 2016

To many Muslims in my life, Blessed Ramadan

From a previous Ramadan blog effort:

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Kareem

Faith Action Network Offerings for Ramadan
adapted from what the graphic says: To all Muslims, Blessed ramadan

RantWoman offers particular prayers with Ferrener Husband and Muslims in his homeland. This means layers and layers of history and identity too much for a simple generalized Ramadan greeting.

RantWoman, though, humbly notes a particularly badly translated item going around Facebook suggesting that Muslims in Russia or at least the ones who want to live under Sharia should go back where they came from.

(Putin made basically the same suggestion in saltier terms a number of years ago. It passed across Russian language news screens not quite fully bleeped and gave many Russian language specialists lots of exercise in circumlocutions probably best left unexplained during Ramadan)

Never mind, in any case, that Muslims are generally on Russian territory because of Russian and Soviet imperialism / colonialism. RantWoman does not particularly think President Putin is offering to give back previously assimilated territory. Furthermore, rantWoman definitely suggests that there might be better paths to enlightened coexistence, but for the time being perhaps it is sufficient to wish all a Blessed Ramadan.

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