Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ramadan reflections du jour; Blessed Ramadan for a Tuesday

RantWoman's Ramadan reflection of the day.

Hold Ferrener Husband in the Light. RantWoman is unclear what if anything he is doing about Ramadan without any surviving family members to bring it up. But by tonight he will be back in Seattle. RantWoman's info streams have unbidden been informing RantWoman of progress on a flight home. RantWoman is not quite sure what to make of this unsolicited info except for the general point of someone grieving and needing prayers.

Hands of different sizes and skin tones wrapped spiralwise around each other
Image slurped into this blog
from Deceased Denizen's Facebook wall.

It's Don't Mess With People's Comfort Food day next door to the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. That means a community of immigrant elders gathering for lunch with  a social worker to help about many life issues. Occasionally someone is both interested in computers and conversant enough in English that the Friendly Neighborhood Center can help them more than they can help each other. It also means lunch odors and memories of a deceased denizen of the Friendly Neighborhood Center who used always to work on Tuesdays. Deceased Denizen had sort of uneven customer service skills in person, but he had a huge community of fans online. In his memory, in honor of various food associations, RantWoman's Ramadan meditation or tonight is a spiral of hands of different sizes and colors all wrapped together, individual particularities collected as a whole.

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