Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bedbugs on teenager in Drug treatment.

...and all of the children are above average…

One of the teenagers in our community has been through drug treatment out of state, and his parents’ interactions with the required family therapy have figured frequently in messages out of worship.

The family has the resources to go out of state, something they had to do because of WA State law which allows youths whose parents might be impediments to various kinds of needed medical and mental health care to get help but also leaves parents who need to intervene in very difficult situations if youths will not cooperate.


We the bedbugs are not quite sure what to make of this level of openness. For one thing the frequency and duration of messages in worship make other people squirm. We are VERY glad the family is getting help and VERY grateful that messages seem to reflect progress with the program and recognition of growing ability to help others.   People crammed close together or living in distress make it easier for us to get a foothold. We believe that of lunch in everyone, we much prefer lunch that is not polluted by drugs, that has decent nutritional status and does not have too many other vermin for us to have to compete with.   There are WAY too many people with substance abuse issues who desperately need treatment and cannot get it, and we HOPE this exercise in worship leads people to think about how to address that problem. If that means cutting back on the people around to munch into, we would have to adapt but we think we could manage. And we kind of understand why RantWoman’s head might be exploding over messages about “respecting the time of people who did the work” about the State of Society while taking up massive amounts of time for this one issue.



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