Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Ramadan blessing for tonight

Blessed Ramadan

RantWoman has not exactly been fasting but does honor the ingathering of fasters as the sun sets.

Of particular note:

RantWoman thanks Muhammad Ali for the opportunity to think about a Muslim prayer service.

RantWoman recently found herself another older wiser crone having crone clucking about Muslim youth and the usual realms of sex and drugs and things teenagers wander into. Islamophobia is real. So are teenage struggles. RantWoman offers prayers for wise voices, accurate information, negotiating skills, and protection from thoughtless outsiders who do not realize the significance of concerns as well as from predatory creeps who take advantage of people's difficulties talking about such matters.

But then maybe RantWoman is off-base thinking only about the Rant family and no family from another culture could possibly have any of the same dynamics going on.

Blessed Ramadan all.

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