Thursday, June 2, 2016

Publishers of Truth.

Catchphrase of the day: "publishers of Truth," with particular concern for the possibility of "a little too much of the Truth."

Domain Facebook and a Yearly Meeting IT issues listserve.

Question: Does Conflict Is a Gift of God Friend in fact have status as a released Friend and where can one go electronically to check on this?

The minutes of Yearly Meeting Ministry and Oversight? Yes apparently but see notes below about indexing, archiving.

The minutes of some yearly meeting body? Possibly. RantWoman is unclear though there will be graphical evidence at least of an endorsement. Again with the indexing concern.

The minutes of Conflict is a Gift of God Friend's monthly Meeting?

Yes, over time, not easily searchable. Internet availability and indexing / archiving practices unspecified.

Plus, last time ...'s status was renewed, discussion at one moment went something like

Friend 1: "Conflict is a Gift of God Friend can sometimes be (a mean nasty abusive jerk)!

Friend 2 "Friend 1's experience exactly matches mine"

The minutes of said Monthly Meeting for Business:  "Conflict is a Gift of God Friend can be a little prickly sometimes" The minutes made no mention of another point from oral discussion: a thought as to "always travelling with an elder," a concept that it was beyond the Light of those assembled to apply to electronic realms. Suppose for instance, that Conflict is a Gift of God Friend were to arm-wrestle RantWoman for task of clerking the Still Didn't Get the Memo Committee on Email Immoderation. Just suppose?

But Never Mind. RantWoman does tartly note progress in her (and Conflict is a Gift of GOD Friend's) Monthly Meeting over a number of years about released friend minute attention to basics such as appropriate cycles for renewing such documents.

In the present case, Conversation with Conflict is a Gift of God Friend himself reveals suggestions from several quarters that he post documentation of his status in some way on Facebook. Conflict is a Gift of God Friend proposed to post gifs of assembled and translated documents along with endorsements. He awaits time and technical assistance to accomplish this. RantWoman will speak to the most tech-savvy member of Conflict Is a Gift of God Friend's support committee. By tech-savvy, RantWoman means knows way around spreadsheets for work-related reasons and regularly posts on Facebook. RantWoman thinks it should not be a giant stretch from here to do what is needed.

Accessibility note: RantWoman will feel entitled to whine on principle about gifs of relevant documents. Then RantWoman will shut up and rely on her screen reader's OCR function for everything except the handwritten endorsements! See RantWoman COPE!

And in case RantWoman and God cannot between then get it together to COPE, a lovely prayer via Facebook from a Cuban Friend for Conflict is a Gift of God Friend's most recent travels.

(Amiga Cubana) Mi hermano, querido (Amigo) ,que Dios sea contigo durante este mes en que ministras a los Amig@s en esos lugares. Que te de sabiduría de palabra y humildad de espíritu al compartir los dones que provienen de lo alto. Que la Paz del Señor sea siempre contigo. Estaré pensando y orando en y por tí. Va un fuerte abrazo.

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