Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Bedbugs offer "help" about minutes.

Dear World

It's us, the bedbugs still managing to be part of the UFM community. Do not get us started about the persisting among community bit, at least not right now.

It's a leap year. It's a Presidential year. It's a Leap year. There has been another worldwide Quaker convening, and we are certain the world is again entitled to our point of view about life at our faithful spokesgal RantWoman's Meeting. We still have not found anyone else with quite RantWoman's gift for channeling our communications. We also are a little annoyed that she keeps getting started on our missive and then casting it aside for something or other. RantWoman keeps babbling about stuff we are pretty sure is only tenuously connecting to life at her Meeting and saying "one eruption at a time" so here goes the latest, about draft minutes related to a process for generating a State of Society report for NEXT YEAR.

The clerks of (two committees with whom RantWoman has expressed prepeated concerns) described the process used this year to select people to write the State of the Society report, which in the past has been done late in the year, with volunteers recruited ad hoc. (Said committees) each came up with a list of proposed names. The clerks convened to evaluate this list and make a recommendation to the meeting.


Friends approved (names not particularly objectionable to RantWoman beyond  a general process objection) as authors of this year’s State of the Society report.

NOTE from the Bedbugs who were not paying attention and are annoyed that RantWoman is stuck and will not work on our Bedbug missive until ...: Can anyone remember what concern RantWoman expressed? RantWoman has coughed politely and noted that at least a TINY bit more of the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT points which come out of RantWoman's mouth seem to be making it into minutes.

We the bedbugs think RantWoman would be terribly gratified if SOMEONE ELSE asked to have the minutes corrected to reflect RantWoman's concern!!!! RantWoman does not ... whether  someone else SHARES RantWoman's concern. RantWoman in ask for what you need mode, would really really like to hear that SOMEONE has HEARD it. We the bedbugs wonder where RantWoman gets off about her God as personal butler expectations though.

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