Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Serial Rapist????

RantWoman is trying not to fall too far into the #brockturner media maelstrom but unfortunately is also going to make readers use their own search engines for the full details of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, his dad, and the Stanford Alum judge who gave Brock a slap on the wrist for a serious sexual assault.

 A great deal of what RantWoman would say is being said by many others. Furthermore, RantWoman is posting to her blog partly as time marker and partly because she has not sorted out where else in the internet whirlwind it most makes sens to post this. So it gets launched from Planet RantWoman in faith that someone will hear it or it will amplify notes from other directions.

The survivor's statement

One Tweet destroys the statement from Brock Turner's dad

An ugly text in graphics thing
Dad's letter, fixed

Now, here is the point that is going to make rantWoman's head explode if she does not commit it to electrons:

The statement from Brock Turner's dad talks about Brock wanting to educate others about the dangers of alcohol and sexual promiscuity.

Did the probation report even do anything with substance abuse issues? Recommend a substance abuse evaluation and substance abuse treatment?  Or did Brock's pale skin shield him from access to such services? Sounds to RantWoman like BOTH Dad and Son are in major denial and it would be nice if this disgusting public unwinding counts as "hitting bottom" on the way to treatment.

Is Brock talking about himself?

Were there other encounters?

Were any of them as "consensual" as the one in this case? The possibility would definitely occur to RantWoman that the media storm might trigger  memories for other women. RantWoman does not wish that on anyone, but if it occurs, RantWoman ardently hopes women will find the support they need and come forward.

RantWoman does not even want to go research the question was there DNA? If there were though it would definitely occur to RantWoman to run the DNA against unsolved rapes  in the area...

There. Now RantWoman will quit playing amateur detective and go back to...

That is all.

RantWoman has been amplifying the voices of men disgusted by the affair. This is not because RantWoman needs men to speak for her. It is because it matters a lot that there are men who get it. Here is a nice statement that hits many notes RantWoman concurs with.
To Brock Turner's father from Jon Pavlovitz

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