Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Willamette Quarter Men's Retreat March 11-13, 2016

The short version of this invitation: If you are a Quaker guy or a seeker in our community and would enjoy praying and worshipping hanging out with other Quaker guys, consider this item an invitation and ACT QUICKLY because the event is NEXT WEEKEND.

True, the guys who organize this are "from Willamette Quarter," mainly unprogrammed Friends and mainly from OR or Southern ID, as opposed to Pacific Northwest Quarter, the unprogrammed Friends in most of WA  and ID. That means means some getting acquainted might be needed. RantWoman figures you and whatever spiritual concepts you use and the other guys getting acquainted at the gathering can work that out.

True, Willamette Quarter Friends cling to the traditional Quaker way of marking months and days of the week, a custom RantWoman recognizes but feels NO need to observe herself.

RantWoman does not recognize the names of the leaders and leaves to her readers to invoke their search engines. RantWoman does recognize the names of Friends she considers weighty.

RantWoman is also enough of an observer of guy psychology to know that guys sometimes just find it reassuring to hang out with other guys and RantWoman is fine with there being space for that.

Now the event details and then MAYBE as a postscript a small further sojourn to exotic Planet RantWoman about the issue of single-gender vs mixed gender gatherings.

Willamette Quarter Men's Retreat 2016

3rd month, 11th ­13th

Big Bear Camp, near Walton, OR

Registrar Bob Marvos:

rmmarvos@gmail.com   541­330­3937

Cost $75 – no one turned away, $ available

Please register asap; Tonia needs numbers for food prep.

Making One's Life Count

Program courtesy Carl Thacher & Mark Babson

Starts 6th day ~ 6pm.
(may arrive earlier/later, dinner provided)

Ends midday on first day.

Bring:  Sleeping bag, towel, open heart, outdoor clothing,  listening ear, rain gear, a light (both inward and outward), no alcohol or other like substances (coffee OK), a smile.

Questions?  Contact Bob Marvos (above) or Joe Snyder:  josephhoytsnyder@gmail.com or 541 297 6246 (text OK)

The promised sojourn to exotic Planet RantWoman?

Just register already if you think you might be the slightest bit interested, and do not feel obligated to stick around while RantWoman plays tour guide here.

RantWoman has served multiple times on the planning committee for the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference. Every time RantWoman has served the question of involving men comes up. Every time so far the planning committee has been or become clear that the Women's conference is for women; if men want to organize a mixed or a men's gathering, let them step up. RantWoman is glad men in Willamette Quarter do this and glad invitation is extended more broadly.

RantWoman has served on planning committees for lots of mixed gender Quaker events. and there is a place for that.

RantWoman has spent a lot of her life violating gender rules in various ways, collecting folklore about situations where gender balance varies widely, upsetting men-only events while simultaneously protecting the right to women-only events, observing passionate arguments about who qualifies as male or female. RantWoman manages sometimes to be tender with guys who need to admit they are vulnerable; at the same time RantWoman is pathologically incapable of providing some guys the ego massage to which they feel entitled. But the point is, this is not about RantWoman; it's about a cool opportunity and RantWoman hopes some of the men around her will be interested.

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