Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day of Remembrance America's first H-bomb test

Just the way EVERYONE wants to start their day, with a nice thermonuclear blast?

Does it help if it is fully orchestrated but lacking audio description for the actual moments of the blast even though the rest of the text is pretty stunning?

RantWoman thanks her public radio station and the Burke Museum for calling to her attention another important Day of Remembrance. March 1, 1954, referenced in the video as February 28, 1954, the date of the Castle Bravo H-bomb test.

RantWoman appreciates a separate webpage for listing the first H-bomb test as November 1, 1952. RantWoman notes confusion and feels no call at this moment to investigate further.

RantWoman further notes

--The scientists who planned the test estimated that it would have a yield of about 5 megatons; it's actual yield was 14.8 megatons.

--There is a whole sordid history of contamination and pussyfooting around about compensation. Hence the reason the people of the Marshall islands feel particular pangs about this day of remembrance.

In that spirit some more links, also reflecting the good, the bad, the ugly, and just the confusing of research on the internet, offered here partly with an eye to keywords that can feed more research when RantWoman has more time or when the Day of Remembrance rolls around atgain.



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