Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Give up sarcasm for Lent? Are you KIDDING?????

God and Twitter got the following item in front of RantWoman's eyeballs via  Northwest Yearly Meeting

"Lent reminds us that Jesus died. And it hurt.
At the Christian college I attended, giving up sugar for Lent (and replacing it with Splenda) was one of the ways we entered into that suffering. Some of us gave up Facebook. One year, I fasted. One year, I took on vegetarianism (something I stuck to for five years). Once, I was almost convinced to give up sarcasm. Almost. "

RantWoman may or may not shepherd further commentary about this item out of her personal spiritual compost heap in any timely way but definitely invites readers even vaguely connected to thoughts of Lent to read the whole article:

Lent and Suffering

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