Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Duck and Cover | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

RantWoman has a new comic inspiration, Samantha Bee. True:

--This video contains language that RantWoman supposes she is expected to wash her brain out for even witnessing, let ALONE posting it atop her electronic spiritual compost heap.

--RantWoman does, despite the language find a number of ideas to unite with. Can anyone point them out? They have to do with creative ways to try to deal with dangerous situations.

--RantWoman admits to posting this while the #WALeg winds down its regular session sine die and gets sent off to special session detention until it finishes a supplemental budget.

--RantWoman imagines that some will brand her a horrible harsh insensitive Bitch for even THINKING of making Light of this Very Serious Subject.

--RantWoman thinks this post is POSSIBLY a "Duck and Cover" response to a certain message from Meeting for Worship last week; RantWoman hopes that her pleas for "Deal with it NOW because RantWoman cannot have a civil conversation" have been heard.

--Update: RantWoman has had a conversation satisfying her that an increment of "Deal With it NOW" has occurred, but part of that reality for RantWoman was discovering some more thickets in her own emotional landscape. Bleah.

Is this the new Normal???

RantWoman ardently hopes not.

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