Friday, March 25, 2016

RIP Mr. Attack Receptionist?

RantWoman thinks Mr. Attack Receptionist has probably departed to other realms. RantWoman ardently hopes he did so in the company of the people who knew him best and loved him most. RantWoman especially hopes his native heritage was honored by those in attendance because he was very proud of it.

Here are a collection of blog items most of which include some kind of reference to Mr. Attack Receptionist.

 RantWoman is humble about the fact that "Mr. Attack Receptionist" is almost certainly not the most respectful way to refer to anyone ever. Hold that problem in the Light. RantWoman is also a little bit proud of helping facilitate a little bit more positive environment than came about with Mr. and Mrs. Attack Receptionist's ferocious commitment to their roles.  RantWoman would NOT have minded managing to get herself paid more for her contribution to this evolution, but sometimes it just makes sense to pay people who know what they are doing.

But back to the reasons RantWoman thinks Mr. Attack Receptionist has probably decamped to other realms:

--RantWoman became aware via Facebook of Mr. Attack Receptionist entering hospice and moving to a care facility further away from the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing but closer to family and schoolmates.

--RantWoman sometimes knows and sometimes does not know why particular old blog items sometimes suddenly show up in the top of RantWoman's blog statistics, but one about Mr. Attack Receptionist showed up this week.

--RantWoman realized that she has not seen Facebook traffic from Mr. Attack Receptionist in quite awhile so RantWoman put Mr. Attack Receptionist’s full and distinctive name into the search bar. Almost nothing. Certainly nothing current. Zip. Nada, except for a blurry picture of a smiling boy in a wheelchair that RantWoman thinks must date from his childhood.

Okay then. Rest in Peace, Mr. Attack Receptionist, or if you are not gone, know that RantWoman remembers you with great respect on many grounds despite the impossible email and the smoking and …

RantWoman will store the topic of tidy handling of one’s digital legacy in her mental filing cabinet of things a Quaker IT committee might consult with other Meeting or Yearly Meeting committees about, but it’s Good Friday and that ain’t gonna happen right now.

RIP Mr. Attack Receptionist. RantWoman further apologizes for not being able to find any kind of picture she wants to use. RIP even without the photo.

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