Sunday, March 13, 2016

History lesson on the 110th Anniversary of Susan B. Anthony's death.

In preparation for Meeting for Business, RantWoman notes:

1. A recent conversation about Quaker history in the western US and A Friend's desire to know more.

2. Observance of the recent anniversary of the order interning people of Japanese ancestry during WWII, events calling various strands of history of those in RantWoman's Meeting.

3. Reflections on a founding member who, along with former internees went to japan after the war to build houses. Note: RantWoman has no information about their views of geopolitics or the military argument for the dropping the atom bomb. RantWoman simply notes that they went and built houses.

4. A biography of Susan B Anthony that recounts all her visits to Western States where women attained the vote decades before women in the rest of the country.

Someone struggled for your right to Vote. USE IT
Susan B Anthony, 110th anniversary of her death

Well, yeah, RantWoman did note all those things, but how did RantWoman REALLY prepare?

RantWoman went to bed listening to the aforementioned bio on her CUTE ADORABLE really really FUN Talking Book player (picture to follow, sometime). RantWoman forgot to press the button that turns the player off after a set interval assuming the reader has fallen asleep. So all night long the player was chattering into rantWoman's unconscious. and impinging on usual SLEEP. RantWoman woke up in time to hear the end of the book and to register the date of Susan's death, March 13, 1906. Rest in Peace, and may all the women of this country use their vote for #NEVERTRUMP!

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