Thursday, March 10, 2016

Submission Deadline March 13 for summer 2016 RADCare conference.

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Calling all multiracial folks, sex workers, (IDU) drug users, QTPOC, and mad/sick/disabled QTs! We are looking for workshop leaders that bring us into allyship with your communities and share collective knowledge as politicized bodies. RAD Care (Radical, Accessible, Decolonizing Community Care) is seeking content for our Track at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this summer, in the form of movement, writing, zines, film, coding, self care space, rituals, skillshares, workshops, meetups, panels, and any other ways that people engage in radical care in their lives. RAD Care track organizers will be fundraising for travel expenses, housing, etc. for RAD Care track speakers.
We will address what self-care and community care look like in practice--how communal and ancestral knowledge can inform an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist approach to wellness. RAD Care is about centering marginalized people, people who don't see themselves represented in movement building, and gathering to share group knowledge and teach how to be in allyship with one another. The RAD Care Beyond Social Justice Track will collectively envision new ideas of accessibility and wellness through self-determination and mutual care. We will practice challenging ableism, surviving trauma, internalizing self-care, and working at the roots of oppression through equitable, mutual community care. Participants will walk away with practical skills to engage in radical care practices in their day-to-day lives with a critical analysis of inclusivity.
Topics and themes may include:
**Making care accessible**
Economies of care
Equitability in care
Participatory research and research justice
Hacking access
Empowering community care
Social media and accessibility
Spirituality and healing
Learning modalities and neurodivergence
Supporting suicidal community members
Care methodologies and best practices
**Self care**
Defining and practicing self care
Mindfulness in activism
Recovery from oppression
Personal narratives
Trauma and loss
Harm reduction
Practicing accountability
Ancestral healing practices
**New visions for access and wellness**
Decolonizing madness
Indigenous restorative justice
Intergenerational/epigenetic trauma
Organizing for healing and community care
Disability inclusivity for events/producers/performers
Accessibility in direct actions
Centering disability
Reimagining public health
Resisting and rejecting paternalism
Queer interpersonal violence
Indigenous, multiracial, QTPOC, and/or disabled movement and dance
Burlesque and positive sexuality for marginalized identities
Please contact with any questions about the track or your proposal. Submission instructions available at…/rad-care-beyond-social-justic….
Image description: Drawing of a hand holding a human heart. The hand and the heart are inside a star shape which is inside a circle.
Self and community care in practice What does self and community care look like in practice? How can communal and ancestral knowledge inform an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist approach to wellness?

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