Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tag the Presbyterian photos too, pretty please

Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church, front entrance

RantMom's church

Perhaps RantWoman just should not have looked. RantMom got written up in the monthly newsletter. RantWoman allowed herself the temptation to faint hope that the article would appear also on the church website.

Um, no.

And, no, RantWoman is NOT going to fill you in on details you might have missed or at least not yet while RantWOman meditates some more about both what to make of RantMom's wonderful pastors efforts and what to make of RantMom's version of the story.

RantWoman quite likes what actually IS on the website except for ONE point, besides timeliness: RantMom's church does not know how to tag photos any better than Quakers do. Hold RantWoman's vexation in the Light. Hold the option of speaking up about fixing this in the Light too. Sigh

And for additional imagery, a mosaic:

Mosaic of a hand. Dear Quakers, do you recognize the visual allusion?

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