Monday, September 21, 2015

Grunge with carpeted walls

RantWoman has been letting these reflections from a recent meeting for worship (before Meeting for Worship for Business) season. God has been bountiful, so bountiful RantWoman does not know what to do, does not know what it means. One reason to let things season.

Psalm 22
Bible Gateway NIV Psalm 22
Where did that come from?

A Friend reflecting on "Am I good enough?"
Ummm, Yes, RantWoman, other people have these frets too.

A Friend is called to sing "What a friend we have in Jesus," and to sing it rather nicely RantWoman had been thinking something along the lines of "to heck with all the people, let's talk about God." Alas, RantWoman is never one to overdo centeredness and in RantWoman's head along came a different version: Jesus is my Friend by Sonseed

Another sometime member of the Quaker Choir did quite nicely with Ubi Caritas, except, NO, of COURSE RantWoman would not stay centered. In fact RantWoman wanted to lay down a grunge track, which RantWoman now does with caution riffing on all the pretty songs but come as you are

Ummm, RantWoman, grunge? Grunge that keeps coming as loud as ever, over and over despite all the carpeting on the walls, despite utter lack of evidence anywhere that there is even a whiff of demand for Nirvana in Meeting for Worship? Grunge that keeps coming despite your ardent prayers that some of what is on your mind come out of others' mouths? RantWoman, just be faithful to your Light.

Uhhhh, are you SURE...?

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