Saturday, September 5, 2015

God, Worship, RantWoman, take 2

RantWoman morning dialogue with God, more or less in the vicinity of Meeting for Worship, with humble effort also in the direction of parallel visits to others' spiritual zones which the particular first day in question included a personal call to war tax resistance and the well of universal love, interspersed among the following silent RantWoman eruptions

...Signup Sheet: I'm Not Interested in Your Thought Processes Friend. ... I'm Not Interested in Your Thought Processes Friend...I'm not Interested in your thought Processes Friend. ... Wait... SAY...!

NO, RantWoman, NO!  Just NO!

Not even if I pray REALLY, REALLY hard?


I mean it's IMPORTANT and if phone tag and email are not happening and asking someone RantWoman THOUGHT it would be reasonable to ask....

RanntWomannnnnn, that venue?

Okayyyyy, but ...Oh CRAP, and another topic... The venue...?

God, I have been reading Lloyd Lee Wilson on spiritual authority in Meetings. And I am all tangled up in vocabulary about Ministers elders and Overseers. And I am pretty jazzed and am I supposed to stand up and talk about it?

And besides there is all that vocabulary about disrupters, witnesses bridge-builders the facebook post that elicited the Lloyd Lee Wilson link and some other Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice items on the same vocabulary.

RantWoman, the LLW thing is 45 minutes long. NO, your device is NOT powerful enough just to play it in worship, and playing inspirational audio in worship Just is NOT Done anyway! Plus it's so full of meaty nuggets that if you start now you will go on for hours. So, about an interest group at Quarterly Meeting?

God, are you crazy? There's NO INTERNET there. How ever will I ....?

..earthquakes .RantMom's very first night in MT, the Earth Moved--and it WASN'T premarital sex..nuclear power plants / weapons / waste ...tsunami...plate tectonics...subduction

Yeah, RantWoman but you read earthquake books for fun.

No, not exactly, but I am reading a fun book about earthquakes and just like those nuclear weapon circles that were all the rage in the 80's it's about the human networks BEFORE the disaster....and iterative learning and....

God, I need to talk about problems needing wider discernment than....

And I need to talk about blind consumer groups.

And I need to talk about two groups and how have the members of one either got thrown out or walked out of the other, and how there is plenty of work for borth and ...

RantWoman Remember what happened last time you brought up blind consumer groups?

Yeah, people's brains melted and maybe a couple almost exploded. So I trust that if people hear the concepts again and their brains actually explode, between God and the rest of us maybe we can all handle it???

RantWoman, how about you just put what's on your mind on your other blog?

Yeah, Yeah, okay, but you know those Quakers expelling each other over  same-gender relationships, not to mention that court clerk who refuses to issues marriage licenses...? See any parallels?

Do I gotta read the other blog to see it? Cause if so, there is NO WAY this is all going to make it out of your mouth so's the room can hear it.

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