Friday, September 11, 2015

Sacraments: I want to be a Catholic

RantWoman knows it's the anniversary of 9/11. Here is what RantWoman is called to riff on.

RantWoman's theme here is sacraments and memorials, specifically Catholic memorials in RantWoman's recent experience. Alas this is RantWoman so the sacraments stuff comes tied up with a whole bunch of other themes too. Cope. If God can do it, PROBABLY that of God within you can help you do it too!

Seattle Times Obituary for Douglas Hugh Morrison

Here's what touched RantWoman most about the memorial above:

A few months before Doug's death, he showed up at mass and told the priest he wanted to be a Catholic. The priest, obviously touched telling the story, offered to baptize him immediately, but Doug wanted to study. The priest was very impressed that Doug made it to class every Tuesday. (There's a bus from Doug's apartment!)

The priest recounted Doug's passionate interest in the study, the number of good wishes in Doug's apartment, the picture of Jesus across from his bed. Doug wanted to be baptized at the Easter Vigil with everyone else in his class. He did not live that long, but the story and the degree to which the priest was obviously touched made one thing really clear. It was funeral mass so there was communion. The priest said something along the lines of "this is what we believe about communion and if you do not believe that, feel free to com for a blessing but please do not..." RantWoman found the clarity wonderful. There was already so much Divine presence RantWOman felt NO need even to fuss about communion!

And because Catholic memorials are on RantWoman's mind and she has not yet collected items about Father Bill Bichsel, SJ:

And reprising another memorial in RantWoman's recent experience with a different take on Communion
Funeral Rite for Lu Walls

And for a different sacraments thread

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