Friday, September 18, 2015

Red Panda Freaking Out Over A Pumpkin!

God suggests rather firmly that RantWoman share soemthing to make people smile.


Yeah, right.
Say a prayer for someone supporting her Mom's cancer struggle from afar.

Say a prayer for someone else with gnarly elderacre challenges for her mother who also lives far away.

Say a prayer for Mr. Attack Receptionist, first of all because he does not pray and is beset by people who want to pray on his behalf. Say a prayer second because he is in the process of deamping to other realms via Facebook. Say a prayer for RantWoman whose heart aches but not enough to ride two buses to visit but does want to remember some really sweet couple mushiness RantWoman honors between Mr. Attack receptionist and the Late Ms. Attack Receptionist.

Say a prayer for Mr. Accessible Restrooms on SO many grounds RantWoman does not even WANT to go there except another customer has exactly the same behavior and communications issues so say a prayer for the staff that MAYBE

Say a prayer for everyone at the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. Say a prayer for all the gravity run amok. Say a prayer for the question of whether someone entangled in the gravity MIGHT also be playing. Say a prayer for someone in a not dissimilar situation who thinks the other gravity sufferer most assuredly is NOT playing.

Say a prayer for all the people who tell us stuff they do not have to tell us. They want either accommodation or appreciation for heroism or both but then cannot accommodate other people who suffer from exactly the same issues.

And say a prayer for RantWoman. Besides all of the above, RantWoman is needing to be focused in a zone where the fact that oldest children sometimes make good cops is on point. Not to mention that RantWoman's the oldest child complex is running amok thinking about the duties and responsibilities of board(S) and officers of organizations. RantWoman keeps asking God to send SOME of this in oother directions and the needle keeps pointing back at RantWoman.

And in the meantime, enjoy watching the red panda play.

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