Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vocabulary and Confession: popcorn kernel

RantWoman is having one of those weeks where she is a little too Bad Friend even for the Association of Bad Friends.

The precise issue: vocabulary.

And Biblical Exegesis, in severely digested form.

And Sexism.

RantWoman is not clear to elaborate except in the spirit of Quaker confession. Quaker Confession as in "those other denominations often have confessions in their bulletins for people who have trouble thinking of what to admit to on their own. But Bad Friends confess to ALL KINDS of things."

RantWoman further notes that the vocabulary discussion occured on Facebook and included the hitherto unknown to RantWoman insight that the term in question is considered EXTREMELY offensive to some speakers of English and much milder to others.

RantWoman's confession: there is a certain female Russian punk band. RantWoman has in fact mentioned them elsewhere on her blog, but is not doing so here in the spirit of the containment on Facebook of linguistic discussion. The band's name is a synym for the term some Bad Friends on Facebook were getting their underwear in a wad over.

RantWoman's confession: for various reasons the Patriarch of All Russian has been called numerous times to utter the Band's name including the offensive term simply because the band has come up in conversation. RantWoman admits she only OCCASIONALLY regrets that no one has taught the Patriarch of All Russia any elegant circumlocutions so that he can avoid uttering the problematic term.

RantWoman further admitted that perhaps the vocabulary questions need further research, the kind of linguistic research sometimes enhanced with alcohol and even disco balls.

In fact, one of the reasons alcohol helps with this kind of linguistic research: the Russian language is particularly rich in options for adding nuance and twists even to flat-out vulgarities. There are prefixes, suffixes, vowel-zero alteration, perfective and imperfective verb forms, and if one somehow turns a vulgarity into one of Russian's famous verbs of motion, even determinate and indeterminate verbs.

But if mere mention of the offending term is too Bad Friend, how ever will people get to visit all these even more elaborate options? Or is this just another wacky opportunity to visit Planet RantWoman that might be oh a bit much?

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