Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Marryin' Thang: Faithfulness in Friend of the Court Briefs

First, another of those articles about what a wonderful thing marriage is.

RantWoman decided to leave the citation above more as general cheerleading than specifically any comment on same-gender marriage. But RantWoman is called presently to honor the faithfulness of the FLGBTQC Ad-hoc Committee on Friend of the Court Briefs.

RantWoman is very glad Friend of the Court Briefs are getting drafted as federal circuit after federal circuit considers and overrules bans on same-gender marriage. RantWoman is especially glad this work is happening; although she considers it very important, RantWoman herself has neitehr time nor clear leading to do it herself. RantWoman's call to recognize the faithfulness of those who do it is even stronger for their doing it partly on RantWoman's behalf.

RantWoman Needs to STOP here.


...resist temptation to some seasonal thrash metal riffs on a succesion of marriage-themed psychic sore spots. (Two weddings and sour notes still lurking from a previous State of Society effort. Growl. Grumble. Snarl, and ON TO THE NEXT ...)

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