Thursday, March 19, 2015

Like John Woolman?

One of the popcorn kernels that exploded in RantWoman's head after the most recent Meeting for Business.

If the popcorn imagery does not work, think of it as fractals where one point can expand into a new iteration of patterns. John Woolman did...

--RantWoman DEEPLY esteems your many gifts.

--RantWoman deeply appreciates your presence in her life and her Meeting.

--RantWoman realizes that MAYBE it would be more reflective of "soft persuasion" to talk to you individually. RantWoman is deeply humble both about such efforts being beyond her Light and about a need to see whether there is Light others may help shine upon...

Um yeah John Woolman did often travel with an elder, but you know what? I think we recognize continuing revelation and MIGHT even get to clarity about knowing the identity of a support committee before approving....

RantWoman has to be true to Light about growing the number of people who work with certain challenging connections among different flavors or Quakers.

RantWoman is VERY humble about trying to be patient as new people just work with needed process.

RantWoman has in mind the kind of spiritual / activism study groups practiced by the likes of Gandhi or Nelson Mandela.

RantWoman realizes you are even more challenged by thoughts  of tiptoeing very far into the electronic universe than someone whose behavior HAS evolved since a moment of completely throwing up his hands about electronic interactions.

Still, if you were to tiptoe into a few webpages or into a Friends Spiritual Accountability group on Facebook, you might find a number of resources....

Or, dare RantWoman in bad Friend / Arrogant Bitch humble practitioner of ... bang on a really sore point, perhaps instead of complaining about being overwhelmed,  thee could stop turning down RantWoman's REPEATED offers of help  Please hold this last in the Light; RantWoman will come back to it after an email digression she might or might not be clear to blog about in the realm of Language Nerd QA for Dummies.

Lord have mercy on us all.  PLEASE hold us in the Light.

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