Thursday, March 26, 2015

Popcorn Kernel: single standard of linguistic presence

The following may or may not represent interaction with actual RantWoman email; RantWoman has had other analogous conversations many times. Hold RantWoman and all conversational counterparts in the Light.

RantWoman is having the same sort of "client education" conversations she sometimes has with language services clients. Only she is having them with beloved Friends in our Meeting. All conversations also subject to arbitrary RantWoman message manglement. Please hold ... in the light.

"...We are not the UN..."

What? You think God needs less linguistic faithfulness than the UN?

Look, God IS versatile. God--and the UN--and lots of day-to-day interactions where linguistic presence is at least as critical as at the UN happen under considerably less than ideal linguistic conditions, but would you please COPE if RantWoman sometimes needs to fly off the handle over something that seems utterly inconsequential to you?

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