Thursday, March 26, 2015

Popcorn kernel in the realm of Miracle Cure

RantWoman is afflicted by conversational exploding popcorn kernels. Probably it is just as well the popcorn kernels sometimes explode at some remove from actual conversations.

One of today's popcorn kernels

Jesus and his Magic Mud Friend "....pretty neat that Jesus would be able to spitting in dirt and rubbing mud in someone's eyes...?"

RantWoman:  "...Duuuude! Way more people go blind every year from infections than are affected by the very rare condition RantWoman does not remember the name of where the spitting in the mud thing MIGHT actually work...."

PS RantWoman might SOMEDAY feel able to go systematically through some Biblical references to blindness, but NOT RIGHT NOW. Hold that in the Light!

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